Spontaneous Pith Phrases

Instructions on practicing with spontaneous pith phrases in social metta.
2-4 Player Mode
5+ Player Mode
2-4 Player Mode

This practice works well in small groups of 2-4 players. The order is spontaneous so it's easy to fill up the space as needed.

5+ Player Mode

This particular practice also works exceedingly well in larger groups of 5+ players due to the condensed format and spontaneous order.

By: Vince Horn​

In this practice everyone offers up the pith phrases as they are moved (i.e. spontaneously).

Pith Lovingkindness Phrases:

  • Happy

  • Healthy

  • Safe & Protected

  • Open Heart

Pick your Own Pith

In the Pick your Own Pith variation you can choose any pith heartfulness phrase that you would like to share, and do so spontaneously.